Quality Management Advertising

If you provide products or services to the quality profession, the Quality Management Forum can help you reach your target market. Every quarter, the Forum can convey your advertising message to over 20,000 Quality Management Division members. These members include many of ASQ's quality executives, managers, supervisors, and team and project managers. Most are decision makers or influencers for products and services such as:

  • Consulting
  • Training
  • Publications
  • Registration
  • Conferences and business shows
  • Software and more


Advertising in the Forum gets your message in front of your best prospects. In addition, the Forum limits it ad content, so your ad won't get lost in a large publication with dozens of your competitors. Think of the ways you can present your message to a target audience. You can build brand awareness, publicize new products and services, announce seminars, workshops, conferences and other events all at competitive rates. What's more, your advertising dollars will be reinvested in the Forum to continue to make it the premier source of Quality Management information for QMD members.


For information on advertising in the Forum, contact:

Dr. Sandra Furterer, Editor

Quality Management Forum

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